The Elite of the Elite

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Peace be upon you,

We grew up in the midst of corrupted Islam with tons upon tons of satanic teachings. Then God bestowed His grace upon us and saved us from a horrible fate—eternal Hell. How fortunate can one get?

[Quran 56:10-14] Then there is the elite of the elite. They are those who will be closest (to God). In the gardens of bliss. Many from the first generations.* Few from the later generations.
*56:13-40 People who believe and nourish their souls through worshiping God alone are destined for the High Heaven. The contemporary followers of each messenger invariably suffer persecution from the traditionalists and adherents of the corrupted religion. Thus, they have a special place reserved for them in the High Heaven. All people who die before the age of 40 go to the Lower Heaven, at least (46:15).

Satan’s job is to keep trying to divert us from the truth and the purified message.

May God protect us and …
[Quran 1:6-7] Guide us in the right path; the path of those whom You blessed; not of those who have deserved wrath, nor of the strayers.

Article: Elite of the Elite (56:10) A Most Fortunate Generation


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Righteous go straight to Heaven


In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Peace be upon you,

The conventional understanding is souls of believers and disbelievers must await the Day of Judgment to enter Paradise or Gehenna. In other words, the Day of Judgment is when people realize their final destiny.

The Quran gives us great news—the righteous do not really die. When their lives on this earth come to the predetermined end, their souls are invited to go straight to Heaven. All praise be to God.

There are signs to this effect throughout Quran (2:25, 2:154, 3:169, 8:24, 22:58, 36:26-27, 44:56, etc.).

The Righteous Go Straight to Paradise*

[Quran 36:26-27] (At the time of his death) he was told, “Enter Paradise.” He said, “Oh, I wish my people knew. That my Lord has forgiven me, and made me honorable.”
*36:26 The righteous do not really die; they simply move on to the same Paradise where Adam & Eve lived. They join the prophets, saints, and martyrs in an active and utopian life (see App. 17).

[Quran 3:169] Do not think that those who are killed in the cause of God are dead; they are alive at their Lord, being provided for.

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The Myth of Intercession

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Peace be upon you,

Consider this scenario: the President found a staff member, Azzy, accepted a $10 million bribe and was corrupt. He decides to fire him, but another employee, Abe, attempts to intercede saying, “he’s a nice guy, let him keep working for you”.

What words would you use to describe this intercession? Is it fair or just? What kind of example does it set for others? What would the President think of Abe for supporting a corrupt official? It does not make sense. And if the “President” in question, is the President of the Universe, God, there’s no circumstance in which Abe would know more than God. God’s decision would be made on complete information, and as the only one qualified to judge among His servants (Quran 39:46).

Yet, some believe intercession will allow Jesus or Muhammad to change God’s mind. Would not God already know if someone deserves Heaven?

Why would Jesus, Abraham or Muhammad even wish to intercede for someone who God says is a bad person? We learn from Quran that all intercession belongs to God” (Quran 39:44). Even Abraham, God’s beloved servant, could not intercede on behalf of his father (Quran 9:114). Nor could Muhammad intercede on behalf of his relatives (Quran 9:80). Why would they even try to intercede on behalf of strangers?

[Quran 39:44] Say, “All intercession belongs to GOD.” To Him belongs all sovereignty of the heavens and the earth, then to Him you will be returned.



The Myth of Intercession

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Mountains as Stabilizers


In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Peace be upon you,

imageThe mountains God created submit to His will (Quran 33:72, 34:10). Humans are struck by their awe-inspiring beauty and humbled by their majesty. Mountains also serve a very important role in the earth’s design—providing balance and stability.

Mountains are the source of rivers that provide much of the world’s fresh water. They influence weather patterns and rainfall. They are a refuge for humans and home to many plants and animals. Some of these species do not live elsewhere, while others (like potatoes and corn) originated in mountains but have been adapted by man to be cultivated on a global scale. Praise be to God for His design.

[Quran 78:6-7] Did we not make the earth habitable? And the mountains stabilizers?

[Quran 15:19-20] As for the earth, we constructed it, and placed on it stabilizers (mountains), and we grew on it a perfect balance of everything. We made it habitable for you,* and for creatures you do not provide for.
*15:20 When we send astronauts into space, we provide them with precisely measured quantities of food, water, and oxygen. God created the spaceship Earth with billions of astronauts who work and reproduce; He supplied them with a self-supporting system that generates oxygen, fresh water, and a great variety of delicious foods and drinks.



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Meditation: Another great way to Remember God

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Peace be upon you,

Which one of us would like to be raised to an honorable rank with God? If your answer was, “I would”, then meditation is an activity that should be on your daily list. God tells us in the Quran:

[Quran 17:79] During the night, you shall meditate for extra credit, that your Lord may raise you to an honorable rank.

[Quran 39:9] Is it not better to be one of those who meditate in the night, prostrating and staying up, being aware of the Hereafter, and seeking the mercy of their Lord?…


Meditation: Another Great way to worship God

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Animals—smarter than we think?


In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The Quran has a story of Solomon and the hoopoe. As the story goes, one day Solomon was out and about with his troops. Not just ordinary troops, his special forces included a contingent of birds. One of the birds, a hoopoe, was missing from action. When the hoopoe returned, Solomon demanded an explanation. The hoopoe’s story was that he scouting the land of Sheba and had news for him. Solomon was not convinced of the hoopoe’s honesty, and put the hoopoe to the test.

The first thing that stands out of course is that, “Wow, God taught Solomon the knowledge of bird language”. But then, we also notice that he feels the hoopoe is capable of lying. Why is this significant?

In the past, researchers felt that primates were perhaps the only creatures capable of deception. Later studies showed that other animals, including squirrels, were capable of tactical deception. Why is this a big deal? Deception is not a simple act, it requires a lot of thinking as one blogger notes.

True deception assumes the deceiver knows that (1) other beings have minds, (2) different beings’ minds can believe different things are true (when only one of these is actually true), and (3) you can make another mind believe that something false is actually true. (Source: Mindful Hack)

Back to the story of Solomon. The Quran puts in print back in 600-650AD that animals were capable of meta-cognitive thought. Not only are they aware of themselves, they are aware of others and can ascribe motivation or intention to them and change their own actions and words accordingly.

In this context, the story of Solomon and the ant is fascinating. We post the Quranic verses below:

David and Solomon

[Quran 27:15-19] We endowed David and Solomon with knowledge, and they said, “Praise GOD for blessing us more than many of His believing servants.” ● Solomon was David’s heir. He said, “O people, we have been endowed with understanding the language of the birds, and all kinds of things have been bestowed upon us. This is indeed a real blessing.” ● Mobilized in the service of Solomon were his obedient soldiers of jinns and humans, as well as the birds; all at his disposal. ● When they approached the valley of the ants, one ant said, “O you ants, go into your homes, lest you get crushed by Solomon and his soldiers, without perceiving.”*

*27:18-19 The more unusual the events in a given sura, the stronger the mathematical evidence supporting them. This helps assure us that such strange phenomena are indicative of God’s power. This sura’s initials, T.S., constitute a complex part of the mathematical miracles related to the Quranic initials. The unusual birth and miracles of Jesus are in Sura 19, which is prefixed with five Quranic Initials. See Appendix 1 for the details.

The story tells us that the ant is aware of Solomon, the different troops with him, and that their intentions were not to crush them but they may accidentally do so. The ant also provides her companions with an effective solution to the march of Solomon’s army overhead. Solomon, furthermore was able to hear and understand the ant (Quran 27:19)!

[Quran 27:19] He smiled and laughed at her statement,* and said, “My Lord, direct me to be appreciative of the blessings You have bestowed upon me and my parents, and to do the righteous works that please You. Admit me by Your mercy into the company of Your righteous servants.”


The Quran has many verses that tell us the animals submit to God (Quran 22:18, 24:41, 6:38), glorify Him and worship Him. While humans may not necessarily understand animals or their behavior, they have been designed to fulfill certain roles on the planet and they go about their roles in complete Submission to God Alone.

[Quran 22:18] Do you not realize that to GOD prostrates everyone in the heavens and the earth, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the mountains, and the trees, and the animals, and many people? Many others among the people are committed to doom. Whomever GOD shames, none will honor him. Everything is in accordance with GOD‘s will.

[Quran 24:41] Do you not realize that everyone in the heavens and the earth glorifies GOD, even the birds as they fly in a column? Each knows its prayer and its glorification. GOD is fully aware of everything they do.


Animals and Birds: Submitting Creatures*

[Quran 6:38] All the creatures on earth, and all the birds that fly with wings, are communities like you. We did not leave anything out of this book.** To their Lord, all these creatures will be summoned.

*6:38 Animals were among the creatures who took advantage of God’s offer to repent after committing the original sin (see the Introduction).
**6:38 All information relevant to our eternal life of the Hereafter is contained in the Quran. The true believers accept, without hesitation, God’s assertion: “We did not leave anything out of this book.” The importance of this statement, and similar statements, is reflected in the fact that each of them consists of 19 Arabic letters (Appendix 19).


All praise be to God, Lord of the Universe!

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Monotheism—A Natural Instinct placed into the people by God?

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Peace be upon you,

Almost every culture among the tens of thousands that we have come across, has a concept of a divine being – one who creates and protects and provides. Across time and place, communities have been aware of and have worshipped some deity. Some have a monotheistic form of worship (e.g., Judaism, Christianity or Submission to God / Islam), and others worship a pantheon of gods (e.g., sects in Hinduism, or historically—the Greeks and Romans).

Research at Oxford University shows that belief in God and the Hereafter is part of human nature.

Not surprisingly, this is what the Quran tells us too—that that monotheism is “the natural instinct placed into the people by God” (Quran 30:30). Science invariably confirms what the Quran says (see for example an article on Quran & Science and other articles on scientific signs in Quran). All praise be to God.

Monotheism: Natural Instinct*

[Quran 30:30] Therefore, you shall devote yourself to the religion of strict monotheism. Such is the natural instinct placed into the people by GOD. Such creation of GOD will never change. This is the perfect religion, but most people do not know.

*30:30 Recognizing God ALONE as our Lord and Master is a natural instinct. We are born into this world with such an instinct. See 7:172-173 and Appendix 7.

Reference: One Message, ONE GOD!


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