Heaven and Hell

A key understanding in Quran is that the absence of God is Hell (19:71-72). Heaven, by contrast, is defined by our closeness to God.

Everyone Sees Hell*

[Quran 19:71] Every single one of you must see it; this is an irrevocable decision of your Lord.
[Quran 19:72] Then we rescue the righteous, and leave the transgressors in it, humiliated.
*19:71 As detailed in Appendix 11, we will be resurrected prior to God’s physical arrival to our universe. That will be a temporary taste of Hell, since the absence of God is Hell. When God comes (89:22), the righteous will be rescued. See 19:72.

[Quran 56:10-12] Then there is the elite of the elite. They are those who will be closest (to God). In the gardens of bliss.

A question people sometimes have is regarding the materialistic descriptions of Heaven and Hell in the Quran. The descriptions of Heaven and Hell throughout Quran are allegorical. And the Quran tells us so whenever such descriptions occur as independent statements, not within a general subject. See 2:24-26, 13:35, and 47:15. The word “Mathal” (allegory) is used in these verses. Linguistically, the word “Mathal” in these verses can be removed, and we still have perfect sentences. But it is there because the descriptions of Heaven and Hell are allegorical.

Thus, it is not about literally getting everything the hearts desire and the eyes wish for (Quran 43:71), but rather describing the extent of happiness and bliss in heaven.

The worldly analogies are the closest we can get to understanding how much joy and happiness await those who make it back to God’s Kingdom and Paradise. Because, in truth—we have no idea how wonderful it is (Quran 32:17).

Heaven: Indescribably Beautiful

[Quran 32:17] You have no idea how much joy and happiness are waiting for you as a reward for your (righteous) works.

More on the Day of Resurrection, and Heaven and Hell.


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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. "Read, in the name of your Lord, who created.* He created man from an embryo. Read, and your Lord, Most Exalted. Teaches by means of the pen. He teaches man what he never knew." [Quran 96:1-5]
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